There should be no choice between your “fur baby” or beautiful hardwood floors. We have a wide range of hardwood flooring to suit the busy lifestyle of owning a dog.

It is important to consider the following qualities when choosing hardwood flooring for a higher level of wear and tear: hardness, glossiness, color.

What you need to know about the best hardwood floors for dogs

Here’s a quick summary:

  • A hardwood floor’s degree of hardness is determined by the Janka Hardness Scale
  • To better conceal any light damage from your dog’s fur, choose floors in a lighter color.
  • Avoid applying a gloss finish to floors as scratches can easily be seen
  • Keep your dog’s nails trimmable

These hardwood floors are great for dogs, and are suitable for all levels of dog breeds.


Hickory is a strong, durable wood with a Janka score 1 820. It also has distinct color variations. This flooring option is great to pet owners, as it already has different floor boards. Therefore, any imperfections due to your dog’s nail will not detract from the beautiful appearance.


Maple wood flooring will be a good choice if you’re looking for something with a consistent appearance than Hickory. Maple flooring, which has a Janka score of 1,450 or more, is beautiful and stable and can be used in your home to create a stunning floor that will inspire envy.


White Oak has a Janka Hardness score of 1,360. This means that it is somewhere in the middle. It is not too soft but not the hardest wood on the market. White Oak is a top choice for homeowners who have dogs due to its strong grain or texture. This makes it a great wood for pet owners.


The look of distressed wood flooring with wire brush is similar to wood floors that were reclaimed but updated. However, it retains its original appearance. This wood flooring is a great choice because it will not be damaged by your dog’s scratches. We can keep the wood looking this way by removing the soft parts of the wood and exposing the grain. This will enhance the character and definition of each plank. This makes the wood more durable as the planks that are harder are exposed.

Learn more about Wired Brush Distressed in 3 Must-Have Wood Flooring Trends

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Herringbone Wood Flooring Options

Herringbone (or fishbone) wood flooring as it is sometimes known as is a flexible, interesting and stylish alternative to easy board wood flooring. Designed to have a traditional parquet look to it, the good news about herringbone flooring at the 21st century is that you won’t need a craftsman to spend a month in your home to floor or re-floor the tiniest room in the home.

Parquet flooring dates back to the 17th Century and was traditionally made of small blocks of wood that were trimmed by hand and laid, again by hand at a geometric pattern. While herringbone hardwood floors’blocks’ are far bigger than conventional parquet floors the idea is much the same.

In its first days, any parquet flooring could have been created out of solid wood and solid wood alone. Today, while it is still possible to put money into a hand-made good wood parquet floor, it’s much more common to elect for an engineered timber flooring board that comes pre-constructed in your preferred parquet/herringbone style. Among the most well-known versions of the style of flooring today is herringbone engineered wood flooring.

Getting its name from the fact that the routine created resembles a fish or squishy skeleton, herringbone patterns are often found in the fabric industry. Tweeds, knits as well as wallpaper in this design could be found the world over. The detail of the design reveals effectively what’s a broken zigzag, and that’s what distinguishes this layout from chevron, which will meet at the’v’.

When it has to do with herringbone or fishbone hardwood flooring, at Floor Sanding Dagenham we have a broad variety of options in stock and prepared for dispatch right now. All the fishbone flooring choices we have are of engineered construction, meaning that they’re (largely) appropriate for use over under floor heating (but it’s always best to check before ordering) as well as for installation in kitchens and bathrooms. What’s more, engineered planks makes fitting this manner of flooring a walk in the park. Because the boards arrive with the design in place, not only would you get a great end, but also you get the ideal finish much faster than you would in the event that you were trying to make this pattern using cubes of wood.

With each option we currently have in stock coming in prime quality, there’s absolutely no doubt about the quality and consistency of the flooring you will get when you select from this variety. However, we have worked hard to offer something for everybody and believe we’ve achieved that goal. Nevertheless, in regards to fishbone or herringbone floors, where does this style of flooring function best?

Most commonly associated with use in large or long, narrow rooms such as halls; we think that there really should be no rules when using this kind of flooring. In fact, the only limit is likely to be your creativity! Regardless of whether you are renovating an old, stone house with lots of character or flooring a fresh build on a budget, herringbone or fishbone floors will help you add loads of charm, personality and curiosity without costing too much. The great thing about the engineered fishbone flooring that we have on offer is that you can use it in kitchens and bathrooms where a conventional, solid hardwood flooring would normally considered a complete”no-no” because of the challenges which come in the rises and drops in humidity and humidity levels.

So, no matter whether you are seeking to flooring or re-floor a little, guest bedroom, downstairs loo or the whole of your home to create a uniform and stylish appearance, this flooring choice should definitely be on your short-list. Not only does it’s a smart way of making long narrow rooms look more in percentage, but additionally it magically makes very tiny rooms seem larger in the same time as making cavernous rooms less scary.

So as we say, do comprise this solution on your list of”possibles” and of course if you’d like help or guidance to assist you in the preparation of your project, the Entire team at Dagenham Floor Sanding is right here for you. All you need to do is get connected.


When performing a kitchen job the very first question which comes up is if the hardwood flooring be installed prior to or after the cupboards? The right answer isn’t as straightforward as it may seem. Floating, nail , or adhesive down? When installing a floating floor, the solution is straightforward. Install the cabinets because heavy cabinetry can’t sit at the top of a floating floor also it will limit movement and raise the odds of floors separation. But when installing a wood floor nail down or glue down, then there are several variables to take into account.

Engineered hardwood floors is much more commonly installed ahead of the cabinets and sanded and finished among the final measures, but with the rising prevalence of prefinished hardwood floors the dangers of harm during installation gets greater.

Which are the advantages to installing my hardwood flooring first?

Your cupboard layout can afterwards be changed without the hassle of finding replacement wood flooring for your existing hardwood.
Ease of installation for the hardwood floors and the removal of unnecessary cutting of all of the nooks and cranny of this kitchen.

Which are the advantages of installing my cabinetry ?

Prevent hardwood flooring from being damaged.
Will not need to worry about un-level hardwood flooring because hardwood flooring requires a horizontal subfloor, but cupboards demand a flat surface to put in over.

Final Thoughts…

When planning the job together, the advantages of installing your hardwood floors outweigh the advantages of installing cabinets prior to hardwood. Damage to hardwood floors can be avoided by covering your timber flooring with security. Hardwood flooring with demanding endings and distressed appearances might help to hide modest scratches which might happen throughout the job.

To the following wood flooring job, don’t forget to check the system of setup prior to picking cabinets or wood . In case you’ve got the choice of installing hardwood , that’s the preferred system for a work well done.

Engineered wood flooring types

When it comes to selecting hard surface floor, there are a lot of alternatives out there on the marketplace. You ought to be aware of the difference between these as it can assist you in making the ideal choice. Engineered wood is constructed from layers of both wood and plywood. On the flip side, a strong hardwood is a good piece of timber with no coatings. Inside this blog article, we’ll fully focus on engineered timber floors, its forms, and advantages. After studying the blog article, you’ll be in a much better position to make an educated choice. Engineered wood flooring is a great means to produce endless pizzazz to any room. It may provide many different design to your spaces since they can be found in a number of options such as walnut, walnut, and hickory. It’s a flexible and durable alternative that especially blends with the modern lifestyle. It’s secure and doesn’t contract or expand to the identical extent as solid hardwood floors. As a consequence, that you may use it in locations where solid wood floors might not be the ideal flooring choice. By way of instance, they’re best acceptable for baths and kitchens. Many are picking this flooring choice since they need uniqueness. They can be set up quickly with much simplicity. They’re also easy to wash and maintain.

Engineered wood flooring types categorized on the basis of grades

Different kinds of wood wood floors are categorized on the basis of grades. When lumberedwood is grouped according to the amount of observable knots, dimensions of the knots along with its color consistency and the amount of sap that is obviously present in the wood. The timber used for engineered wood flooring should be marked, helping you to find what to anticipate. They’re grouped into four distinct ranges, prime, select, natural and rustic. If you want an extremely consistent solution, you should select a prime grade option as you’ll find very few knots, exceptionally consistent coloration and hardly any sap.

Engineered wood flooring options range on the basis of thickness too.

Their thickness range from relatively fine boards of 14/3 to 20/6. By 14/3, we mean the boards are of 14mm thickness and the upper layer is 3mm thick and for 20/6, the board thickness is 20mm and the top layer is 6mm. You should pick the thickness in accordance with your specific flooring project. And should you have under floor heating, you should choose the thickness attentively. Additionally, you should discuss with your flooring company in Plano to help you select the ideal depth for your flooring project.

Engineered wood flooring types categorized on the basis of width

You are able to categorize engineered timber on the grounds of width too. You will find both narrow in addition to broad choices. You can choose whatever best suits you based on your personal taste. There’s not anything like a narrow board is acceptable for a narrow room, and a broad board for a huge room. Actually, the planks can be smartly used to make a visual illusion. For instance, you may lay a broad board across the narrow aspect of the space to provide a delusion of width and space.

Engineered wood flooring kind classified on the basis of this fitting system

You can categorize the engineering wood flooring system according to the matching system too. The planks are generally brought to work together with the tongue and groove system of this fitting. This system is ideal for different types of installation. Your choice of the fitting system may vary based on the subfloor and if you’re deciding on a specialist flooring company to install or you may do the job yourself.

Engineered wood flooring solution is the way to go

Among the principal advantages of engineered wood flooring is that it does not cost a fortune. As a consequence, that you can make your house appear comfy, luxurious and tasteful without costing you a lot of. They are available in numerous grades, styles, finishes, width, and thickness. The actual setup is simple but you need to rely on a trusted flooring business in Plano, Texas to take care of the installation work. This way you can be sure the flooring is installed correctly. The setup project will not take too much time to complete. As numerous layers of plywood are fused together to make this kind of timber, they could defy high heeled areas in both residential in addition to commercial spaces.

Call us to talk about your flooring project now!

Dagenham Floor Sanding should be your first selection for reliable engineered timber flooring alternatives. Our focus always remains on client satisfaction. We feature the most advanced technology available, knowledge and expertise along with paying attention to detail. Selecting the proper flooring solution for your home or workplace should not be challenging anymore. In Dagenham Floor Sanding, the team is equipped and able to identify your own personal choice, needs, and budget. Our experts can easily gaze the reach of the region to supply you the best engineered timber flooring. We’ll surpass your expectations at each step, from material selection to finish, and until the delivery.

Sunny White, Paris White, Polar White Wood Flooring Is There A Difference?

97397cb5e72faa1faf568508e3dc4116White hardwood floors is a highly desired floor choice at the moment and for everybody who’s just at the start of their journey in the quest for their ideal white hardwood flooring you might be forgiven for believing a white flooring is a white flooring! If that is the thought, you truly could not be more incorrect. In reality you will find a whole slew of white hardwood floors choices and that you pick will depend completely on the appearance that you would like to accomplish and your personal taste.

Everything you want to keep in mind as you’re in the market for a white hardwood flooring is the flooring producers, like auto manufacturers give their flooring names they believe best explains and finest sells their merchandise. Sexy and alluring phrases can be as readily applied to floor colors as they could to chocolate bars, so understanding the effect that you need to make can allow you to cut through the advertising and get down to the components of every white hardwood flooring which you enjoy and dislike.

One thing to bear in mind, like everything internet, the actual color of white wood flooring produced in your screen will be dependent on the lighting used when taking the photograph, the caliber of the original image and the settings and high quality of your monitor. It’s because of this that we recommend that you make the most of our floors sample service that will assist you make sure that your choice is the best one.

Here Are Only some examples of how different white floors can look:

Shimmering white

This sunny white floors is a good example of a range of bright white alternatives and you would be forgiven for asking whether this flooring is white. Very much a white oak colour, this flooring produces an extremely natural looking, very light oak effect and are ideally suited to any area of the house.

Paris whitened

Again, this Paris white hardwood flooring is a very natural looking, hot light pine colour instead of seeming to be really white. An option which allows you stay within the assortment of natural wood colours, you can make sure that this floors will never date or look out of place.

Polar white

This black floor is really white and can be really well termed within our opinion. With the almost icy appearance for this, it’s virtually pearly because of its impact and has quite a slight glow to it although it’s brushed and UV lacquered. If you’re trying to find a true statement white wood flooring, then this is a great alternative.

Brushed and snowy oiled

If you are expecting to sniff a very natural looking wood flooring which has a special white texture for this, then among our white and brushed oiled flooring is very likely to tick all of your boxes. With the advantage of being brushed to open the grain, this flooring still resembles natural wood but has a true sun-bleached appearance to it.

White washed


White washed floor dates back, but this warm, nearly honey coloured flooring has a real modern feel to it. A good method of earning small spaces look more voluminous and a nice neutral background to any interior setting, this white washed bamboo flooring is a fantastic long-term investment option.


London whitened

This London whitened wood flooring has been UV oiled and is a fantastic example of a floor with a great deal of depth and contrast. If you look carefully at the grain, then you are going to observe how light and dark combine to make a nice bright white impact but with a close up detail that will add plenty of attention to your area.

…and simply to confuse things even further, believe it or not, a few gray wood floors look almost like white floors; so there actually is a massive choice available to you. Don’t let this put you off however, because at Dagenham Floor Sanding, we are here to assist you in making the ideal decision for the project.

How Oak Flooring Can Make You Feel More Comfortable

shutterstock_240697822Impressing your customers isn’t always the simplest target to achieve. Hosting a summertime party may be a stressful experience, mainly because it’s natural to be worried about how the elements of our residence will look to somebody else. Oak flooring may make a terrific first impression, though. Here’s a look at how bamboo flooring will make you feel more comfortable inside your own home.

It Is Beautiful

First of all, take a minute to appreciate how stunning oak floors is. One reason that this type of flooring is so popular is because it echoes the natural spaces which can bring a new sense of character in your home and make it even more sophisticated than it was before. The warmth and texture of this wood are highly appreciated. Also, it’s worth noting that several distinct shades remain popular. For instance, European white oak is a popular choice, but it is not the only one.

It’s Low Maintenance

Everybody has a busy schedule. That is an unfortunate fact of life. Something no one wants to think about a tiring workweek is the thing that has to be done in order to keep the oak flooring as fairly as the day it was first installed. But homeowners do not have to be worried, because this timber is surprisingly low-maintenance. You won’t have to worry about rust damage, but if it does occur, then hardwood floors specialists you can trust are not far away.

Elegant Looks

Another reason to think about bamboo flooring for your house is how elegant they seem as soon as they are all set to go. Elegant flooring can calm you down, and this is significant given how stressful everyday life could be. You may not enjoy chalky endings on other surfaces, but in this situation, it increases the allure rather than taking from it.

Hardwood Flooring Installation and Maintenance

At Dagenham Floor Sanding , our commitment to quality setup is apparent in all we do, and that is why our customers consistently rate us as one of the top contractors in the area. If you’re prepared to speak with someone concerning your hardwood floors project, we want to hear from you! Contact us at 020 3151 7971 Or send us a message.

Your wood floor need a recover

315698_492119774167757_1025036233_nYou think your wood floor need a recover? Do You know that we can provide you with this service as well. Scrape in the existing flooring further in relation to the sanded region and along every other grain line to make it look stunning!
For basements and flats with concrete subfloors, engineered flooring provides an installation advantage. Whereas solid wood is generally installed over one or two layers of plywood, which can raise the height of a floor and interfere with existing doors or marginally reduce ceiling height, acting as a disadvantage.

But choose carefully because some engineered floors have top layers so thin that they can’t be sanded and refinished in the future.

Renovation will heal your home

Renovation will heal your home
An attractive rich wooden floors are fashionable from a 100 years from now.They are big part of every single type of interior. Renovation make them shiny again!
The care of your wooden floors should be handled by professionalists . Our company is qualified and focused on top quality sanding support. We offer an additional services to finish timber flooring and a lot of experience in the business.Choosing materials for your floors can be very confusing since there are many selections to choose from. Any scratched wooden floors could be modified to transform your home design and interior style to a fresh and tidy sparkling place again!


Home sweet home!

Priority for us is to provide quality floor stripping services.If you have a renovation ideas for your home is good to start floor sanding procedure, this can change the complete vision of your home or office !Company rule with us is to provide a quality sanding services.When your house floors are well treated they are able to change the complete view of the area!
Sanding will transform every interior and do not forget that things look better when they are sitting on sparkling floor. Every place we go does not matter , to feel good and relaxed at your own is the important.! We have learned by the years is that flooring is very important for your home’s design improving. Our experts are the best in wooden floors business, and they will be working for your home’s modeling and most of all for you to feel fresh and happy looking how your house or apartment rooms shine again!11036599_10152702105567063_4290126215516196984_o.jpg